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I’m behind in my payments because ...

You qualify for free debt advice from the Money Advice and Pensions Service. They call you directly

They call you directly

Please agree the following:

Based on your answers we would like to inform your water company that:

  • You may qualify for support due to personal circumstances (eg. children under age 5).
  • You may qualify for a reduced water bill.
  • Due to your wellbeing they must show additional care with any collection activity.

Please select water supplier

TellJO helps Councils with early intervention and prevention

Our digital engagement allows you to effectively respond to the reasons that payments are missed.

46% will receive debt advice within 60 seconds.

Of those that talk to us…

65% will be automatically referred to their Water Provider for additional support.

We use 63 indicators of vulnerability and automatically refer those to specialist third sector organisations or your own wellbeing teams.

Finalist in the CCT Awards 2021 for our work in Vulnerable Customer Identification & Screening Solution

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