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Digital customer wellbeing checks

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TellJO Guarantee: If after your pilot, your organisation does not see improved health outcomes and increased payment arrangements for your customers, TellJO will donate £1000 to the charity of your choice.

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Featured case studies

How TellJO actually works


Emma’s story Council Tax arrears to happy life


Chichester District Council using TellJO to prevent homelessness


Mid Sussex District Council uses TellJO on Council Tax arrears customers, and creates homelessness prevention from the data


Adur and Worthing Council engage their tenants using TellJO


Dr. Thomas Richardson describes how debt and poor mental health are linked


Chichester District Council use the use the TellJO data for prevention outreach


RHA Wales using TellJO to digitally engage their vulnerable tenants


Mid Sussex Council uses TellJO to understand the root causes of arrears


TellJO refers customers automatically to debt advice


RHA Wales uses TellJO to help their tenants feel safe


TellJO helped Adur and Worthing Council temporary accommodate tenants


Chichester District Council use TellJO to tackle the cost of living crisis


Adur and Worthing Council uses TellJO on its Housing Advise wait list


Chichester Council use TellJO vulnerability data as a basis to create a prevention team


Sumerian Partners describe why they invested in TellJO’s social values


This cost-of-living crisis is also a mental health crisis: How TellJo can help break the link


5 Building Blocks to creating a disclosure environment


When it comes to vulnerable
customers, we believe that

Are you ok

is the only way to start
the conversation.

TellJO creates positive outcomes for both business and customers.

In our latest report find out how TellJO helped Southern Water create 198 positive outcomes for their vulnerable customers and saved them £16,177, while delivering 100% return on investment.

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Our Award winning team are working
with councils and businesses across the UK to:

and at scale with residents who miss payments. We start this conversation by asking “are you ok?”

Payment demands and Court threats cause detriment to the resident with increased fees and greater stress. Additional charges and enforcement action could directly lead to homelessness

TellJO will automatically refer those identified into your wellbeing teams. If you need us to, TellJO can manage a Wellbeing Service on your behalf.

We use Council Tax Arrears data to prevent homelessness at an early stage. Prevention is always cheaper than crisis resolution.

After talking to TellJO, over 75% of residents request a payment arrangement

We use 63 indicators of vulnerability.

Helping residents with specific issues using specialist 3rd Sector organisations.

Remove the need for enforcement. Avoid the costs of chasing payments, managing complaints, and providing additional services for vulnerability.

What impact has TellJO made
to our customers?

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Awards and recognition

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Proud to be listed by the Credit & Collections Technology Awards for our work in Vulnerable Customer Identification

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Proud to be recognized by the Credit & Collections Technology Awards for Digital Transformation

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Proud to be commended at the IRRV Performance Awards for our focus on Social Inclusion

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Proud recipients of a Sustainability Grant from Innovate UK

Proud to help Councils engage with their residents

Use TellJO as an effective arrears management and prevention platform

TellJO has been so significant that in 2020/21 we still maintained collection whilst taking just one enforcement action.

Use TellJO as an early intervention and prevention tool

TellJO has been instrumental for us in reaching out to tenants who may be struggling.

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