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The most vulnerable are the hardest to reach.
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When your customer misses a payment, the best thing you can do is to find out what’s wrong.

TellJO enables you to engage effectively and at scale with customers and residents who miss payments by finding out how you can help.

The most vulnerable people are also the hardest to reach. TellJO can engage at least a third of these.

People are much more likely to engage digitaly and disclose vulnerability to a third party.

TellJO enables you to encourage early engagement through the offer of a wellbeing check.

After receiving an invitation, 30% of previously disengaged customers missing a payment, re-engaged using TellJO, of which 75% are likely to request a payment arrangement.

TellJO can engage at least a third of your vulnerable customers, enabling you to add them to your vulnerability register or identify support services for them.

We use 63 indicators of vulnerability. In our experience, persistent late payers share similar characteristics:

  • Over 80% are likely to be “highly vulnerable”.
  • Over 50% are likely to have high-cost credit.
  • Less than 10% will have any savings.
  • 1/3 are likely to have suicidal thoughts.

TellJO creates warm engagement
from the disengaged.